And so it begins…

Following on from my previous post about food – here we go again. Another year starts and we’re all trying to work off the Christmas Merriment Binge Chub.

We landed back in Cape Town on the Sunday the 4th of January and here our new years challenge began.

Having been thoroughly strip searched at Heathrow whilst going through security (a whole new post in itself!), not having had any time due to this to sit down and grab a bite in departures, Danielle picked up some sarnies from M&S and off we went with the rest of the cattle into that crowded, soon to be airborne in that metal tube.

Nothing like a thin spread of mayo and a dusting of chicken shavings on processed bread and some preservative packed drinks to start us off. The crap flight food, which in most cases was left untouched, was pecked at but as to the rest of the flight we tried getting as much sleep as possible – as you try to do in said metal flying tube.

I’m not even going to touch on the morning meal. Virgin should honestly be struck over the knuckles for this one. It was worse than terrible.

But we have to be positive! Ah, sunny Cape Town!! Arrived and back home; Whats for dinner. Tuna salad. Nuff said. Plain and simple – unfortunately I don’t think we bloody took a photo! Eeek!

That Woolworths at Cape Town Airport is a saving grace! Literally! Living in Salt River is awesome, very central, and close to town and all, but there isn’t a decent food shop in walking distance we’ve found yet! I guess we need to explore more.

Day 1 down and counting! Feel free to join us on our culinary journey… I’ll hopefully have time to drag some photos over from the tumblr page (here).

Over & Out!

Food for Thought…

So with this year slowly drawing to a eggnogg, racous family banter, christmas roast filled close, I think it an apt place to start.

Last year this time Danielle and I were flying back from clammy cold London to blamy hot Cape Town for another year of boring dinners. We’d become stuck in a rut. Same old same old. the weekly shopwas becoming more monotonous than the pope’s speech.

So we decided we needed some change, and a challenge arose. For the whole if this year we were going to try eat a different meal. Every day. Well with a few caveats though.

We laid down the law, we would have to find a unique meal foe each dinner evey night. we kept lunch and breakfast seperate – well, we couldnt really adopt so much change at once could we!  We also said eating out with friends, staying over with family and weekends away were exempt from the rules and regulations. We also couldnt waste – so if there was a huge dinner made for four, we could enjoy the leftovers the following day – and we all know things like chilli con carne and cottage pie are only best the day after they’re made!

And so it started…

About Me

When I was born, the world was a far simpler place.  It was all just cops and robbers. Things were all in black and white. literally. Well, you can probably interpret that in a few ways given I’m a South African.

So I guess this is an appropriate place for us to start our journey.

However, in order to understand the somewhat schizophrenic nature of this blog, its random postings and generally all over the place nature, I would ask you to join me on digging a little into my background.

I always wanted to be a Genetecist. I wanted to fiddle with all things DNA and biology; having, under my parents’ great guidance, stuck my nose through a fair few books in my younger years. Robin Cook, the author of a fair few very interesting medical novels, was a sort of hidden (mis)guide that had me hooked on all things biological.

Somewhere I must have missed the fact that should I have stuck to that very much tarred and easy road I could probably have had a nice cushy job, a wife and kids, a house with a picket fence (ok, maybe 9 foot walls in Joburg) and a dog. But honestly; having done a day’s worth of ‘work experience’ I realised I’d be bored out of my mind. The ladder to the top would have been a hard climb.

So fast forward a few years, continent hopping and all, I find myself in London walking home from a dead end job managing an accounts department at a certification agency. An advert catches my eye. “Custom Installer wanted”. I go for an interview and well, as it goes, that was the beginning of a whole new chapter.

I now run a small business which has grown from the seeds of that first custom installer position. I absorbed information like a sponge, learned about all things electronic, did a diploma in Business Management, had a blast, got sacked, learnt that people have many faces and sometimes they aren’t very nice. In fact they’re sometimes down right deceitful in their niceties. I picked myself up and did it all over again.

I grew up. I found reality wasn’t always friendly. Nothing compared to what school and university is supposed to prepare you for. There you’re taught that there is only one right answer, and thats the one on page 724. Its almost as if from the day you set foot outside of that cushy educational institution, life is out to get you, to make you realise that you need to milk every day for what its worth. Work damn hard, party harder.

Taking the road less travelled I set out to learn from my mistakes, taking all that information and knowledge and shaping it into what has become an enjoyable, profitable and rewarding business. I am very fortunate that every day I can get up and look forward to what I do.

So the question begs; what is it that I do? Well trawl these pages and hopefully that will give you some insight into it all.

Adios amigos 🙂

Defiance. Decidedly Droll Bollocks

What a crock pot. Started watching this series and the further we got into it the more drivel like it became. This is like a cross between Star Trek and BSG. But for kids. Who can’t use their imaginations. I cannot even be bothered to type up anything further about it.

General Stuffing

I woke up with some inspiration today. Its been mulling round in the back of my head for a long while now to change my company name, hell maybe even just start a new one and do things properly this time round. Not that i have not succeeded with the current one, but its just you learn so much along the way that things get out of hand and off track so easily. I couldn’t recommend starting out on your own more to anyone out there wanting to change up their boring business lives, but having a solid foundation built on previous experience always helps.

So I went ahead and registered a whole bunch of domain names. I have no idea how I’m going to sort out all the sites, host a page somewhere, set up the bloody email accounts, and all that jazz, but its a start, and its motivating to just think about the potential.

So. Back to the mundane work day now. Maybe I’ll pop back onto here and update some things and fiddle some more when I manage to find some time between the stuff i’m doing and the stuff i’m not getting too…