I woke up with some inspiration today. Its been mulling round in the back of my head for a long while now to change my company name, hell maybe even just start a new one and do things properly this time round. Not that i have not succeeded with the current one, but its just you learn so much along the way that things get out of hand and off track so easily. I couldn’t recommend starting out on your own more to anyone out there wanting to change up their boring business lives, but having a solid foundation built on previous experience always helps.

So I went ahead and registered a whole bunch of domain names. I have no idea how I’m going to sort out all the sites, host a page somewhere, set up the bloody email accounts, and all that jazz, but its a start, and its motivating to just think about the potential.

So. Back to the mundane work day now. Maybe I’ll pop back onto here and update some things and fiddle some more when I manage to find some time between the stuff i’m doing and the stuff i’m not getting too…

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