So with this year slowly drawing to a eggnogg, racous family banter, christmas roast filled close, I think it an apt place to start.

Last year this time Danielle and I were flying back from clammy cold London to blamy hot Cape Town for another year of boring dinners. We’d become stuck in a rut. Same old same old. the weekly shopwas becoming more monotonous than the pope’s speech.

So we decided we needed some change, and a challenge arose. For the whole if this year we were going to try eat a different meal. Every day. Well with a few caveats though.

We laid down the law, we would have to find a unique meal foe each dinner evey night. we kept lunch and breakfast seperate – well, we couldnt really adopt so much change at once could we!  We also said eating out with friends, staying over with family and weekends away were exempt from the rules and regulations. We also couldnt waste – so if there was a huge dinner made for four, we could enjoy the leftovers the following day – and we all know things like chilli con carne and cottage pie are only best the day after they’re made!

And so it started…

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