Following on from my previous post about food – here we go again. Another year starts and we’re all trying to work off the Christmas Merriment Binge Chub.

We landed back in Cape Town on the Sunday the 4th of January and here our new years challenge began.

Having been thoroughly strip searched at Heathrow whilst going through security (a whole new post in itself!), not having had any time due to this to sit down and grab a bite in departures, Danielle picked up some sarnies from M&S and off we went with the rest of the cattle into that crowded, soon to be airborne in that metal tube.

Nothing like a thin spread of mayo and a dusting of chicken shavings on processed bread and some preservative packed drinks to start us off. The crap flight food, which in most cases was left untouched, was pecked at but as to the rest of the flight we tried getting as much sleep as possible – as you try to do in said metal flying tube.

I’m not even going to touch on the morning meal. Virgin should honestly be struck over the knuckles for this one. It was worse than terrible.

But we have to be positive! Ah, sunny Cape Town!! Arrived and back home; Whats for dinner. Tuna salad. Nuff said. Plain and simple – unfortunately I don’t think we bloody took a photo! Eeek!

That Woolworths at Cape Town Airport is a saving grace! Literally! Living in Salt River is awesome, very central, and close to town and all, but there isn’t a decent food shop in walking distance we’ve found yet! I guess we need to explore more.

Day 1 down and counting! Feel free to join us on our culinary journey… I’ll hopefully have time to drag some photos over from the tumblr page (here).

Over & Out!

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