This blog, mind you, is a very new thing to me. I may well sell high tech gadgetry and all sorts of cool electronic toys, but this will be my first proper dive into the deep end of the anonymity of the internet of everything (well, not now that I’ve put my name against it already hey?). I’ll hopefully keep you entertained, hell, sorry, scrap that, why the hell am I trying to entertain you?

This blog is just me musing in my personal capacity about nonsensical stuff in general, technology, gadgets, photography, film, television, food, music and art, and all such trivial for some passions which I tend to get lost in.

If you find anything you like, or feel like getting in touch to rant rave and rage about stuff we might have in common, or in difference, fire away! Head over to the contact page and blast me a line or three.

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